Rating of the new Titans uniforms and how they should have looked

First of all, the Titans did a excellent job over the last couple weeks trying to build a hype around the new Titans Jerseys. Amy Adams-Strunk is a role model for all the other owners out there in the NFL.


The party was excellent and downtown was loaded with approx. 90.000 visitors. But there was one moment which decides in which way the party would go. The reveal of the new Titans uniforms.


Lets have a little rating about everything new and a concept of mine what the jerseys should have look look instead of the yesterday revealed ones.



The home version is not that spectacular but a real solid jersey. That's the exact way the navy blue should look like. - GRADE B+ -



This is the one I'm personally the most disappointed of. It's solid but for me, the last place on my rating. You have two silver colors on the shoulders and white as primary color. This could be the alternative Color Rush but not the away. - GRADE C -


My suggestion: Go with light Grey and forget the sword on the shoulder an keep it light or navy blue. With the Grey away you would have something no NFL Team has. A regular Grey away jersey. And it would rock!



The alternative / color rush are awesome. The shiny light blue combined with the two-tone sword works perfectly. If they would have changed one little thing those would be the best jerseys in the NFL hands down. - GRADE B -


My suggestion: The motto of the jersey campaign was "Tradition Evolved". If the font would have been in red those jerseys would have been the benchmark in the NFL. They would have had a touch of the former Oilers jerseys (it's a part of our tradition even as the Titans and it would have been a truly homage) but turned into something awesome new and still would have been evolved. Too bad they come with a navy blue font. Wet dreams of a Color Rush Game in those light blue red jerseys against the Texans! :D



Major change from white to satin blue with a two-tone Grey stripe from the back to the front. To describe the helmet I use one word. AWESOME - GRADE A -



The pants are solid. Nothing spectacular but perfect as they are. The two-tone Grey stripes on the side fits perfectly with the whole design. - GRADE A -



The Titans are the first team with two-tone shoulders and those looks like our secondary logo. And you know it's awesome but at the same time they forced to much to put this design element as the key element on every jersey. I would have preferred not to use it on the away jerseys and go with light or navy blue instead. - GRADE B -



The most controversy new element of the new jerseys. Some like it, some don't and some will grow on them. In my opinion risky but the risk will pay out. The tail which looks like eastern end of Tennessee will take some time till everybody gets familiar with. But like JRob said yesterday...they are fierce.

- GRADE B+ -


And here is my opinion how the Titans uniforms should have looked like:

Author: Tim Leidinger

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    Chad (Donnerstag, 05 April 2018 18:29)

    I think your idea is great especially adding the red to the Titan blue uniforms My only suggestion would be on the away jersey keep the sword just go two tone blue instead of two tone grey. Titan Up Brothers and Sisters!