About Titans

Oilers became Titans

Founded in 1960 by Bud Adams in Houston as part of the American Football League before merging with the NFL. (for the history of the Oilers please visit Wikipedia).


Houston, we have a problem - beef in Texas!

Bud Adams got into a fight with Houston in the mid 90s. So far the Oilers team had to share the stadium with the Houston Astros (see Oakland Raiders and their move to Las Vegas - similar problem) and had a capacity of 50,000. Adams wanted a pure football stadium and above all he wanted a stadium with no dome. He then put the pistol on Houston's chest and announced, after no agreement could be reached, that the Oilers would leave the city. Nashville, one of the country's up-and-coming cities, had been trying for some time to bring a team to the city from the big four leagues. The plans to build the stadium were basically ready in the city planner's drawer, but a team was missing.



Bud Adams and the city of Nashville were able to agree on the relocation of the franchise in early 1996 and the city began the construction of the Adelphia Coliseum (now Nissan Stadium). As the stadium could not be completed until the 1999 season, an alternative had to be found. After the Oilers left Houston, they were the Tennessee Oilers or Nomads for the first two years. The Oilers spent the first year in Memphis and the second in the stadium of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Two locations in two years? Since the Oilers only wanted to stay in Memphis for a maximum of two years, few people attended the games. For the locals the Oilers were not interesting as they would only stay for two years and for the the Nashvillians the way was too far to go to the home games in Memphis. That's why Adams decided to leave Memphis after only one year and play the second season until the completion of their own stadium at Dudley Field in the heart of Nashville.


Are we the Oilers? NO!

After the two years in exile were over, the Oilers transformation had to be completed. Oilers in Tennessee. Yes, there is oil in Tennessee, but by far not as much as it is produced in Texas. That's why a new name and team colors were needed. The colors of the team were extended only by the blue tone of the state of Tennessee.


Athens of the South

In order to keep the bond with the city and the fans high from the beginning, people were asked to suggest names for the new team. A committee then decided what name the team should have. Bud Adams had only one condition: "We wanted a new nickname to reflect strength, leadership and other heroic qualities." The shortlist included Tornadoes, Copperheads, South Stars, Wranglers and the Titans. The name Titans is a perfect match for Nashville. Greek mythology and the city that is considered Athens of the South, due to the complete replica of the Parthenon, the classical architecture and the numerous educational institutions, a homerun.


Directly in the first season as Tennessee Titans, the Super Bowl was reached, but Kevin Dyson was stopped 1 yard before the end zone for the touchdown that would have led to the first overtime in a Super Bowl.